About Me

Jocelyn is a Calgary based Actor who started her career in late 2020. Since then, she has worked on over twenty short films, five feature films, multiple TV shows, and over forty commercial projects.

One of her first short films, “Landline,” which premiered at the Calgary Underground Film Festival, was the season fifteen winner of CBC’s Short Film Face Off. Her film, “Clowning Around” won Best Drama at the Edmonton International Film Festival, and her latest short film, “Paid in Blood” was just selected to screen at the Western Film Festival in Texas, USA.

Jocelyn has a wide range of athletic skills that have been useful to her acting career. She has booked commercial roles as a snowboarder, cross country skier, runner, mountain biker, and more. Her modest martial arts, gymnastics, and driving background allowed her to do her own stunts and driving as the lead character in the action feature film, “X-Communicado.”

When she is not working in front of the camera, Jocelyn can be found playing in the mountains surrounding Calgary. In the winter, she snowboards, skis, and even has her own snowmobile which she uses for back country snowboard access. She spends her summers mountain biking, and doing numerous water based sports, such as wake surfing and slalom skiing.

Jocelyn is a fifth generation Albertan who is excited about the booming film industry in her province. She has multiple projects in the post production process that are set to be released later this year. She also has a number of films in pre-production which will be shooting during this upcoming spring/summer season.